PC Motorways Federation Ltd. Mostar will through public procurement procedures ensure the achievement of the objectives of laws and regulations in the field of public procurement, namely:


  • efficiency
  • transparency
  • fairness
  • equal treatment and non-discrimination of bidders
  • real competition


The Regulation on Public Procurement, in accordance with the Law on Public Procurement for Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been governing the rules, procedures, policies, powers and responsibilities in the procurement of goods, services and works contracts to PC Motorways Federation Ltd. Mostar

The rules are primarily aimed at ensuring optimal utilization of the company, keeping in mind the purpose and object of procurement, with is defining the competencies and responsibilities of individual organs and body of PC Motorways Federation Ltd. Mostar in the area of ​​procurement.
The procedures for the Contract of Procurement in PC Motorways Federation Ltd. Mostar are conducted by thresholds in Article 6 of Law, in accordance with Chapters II and III of the Act.




The Regulation on Public Procurement

Public Procurement Agency: www.javnenabavke.ba