The Project involves the construction of the following seven sections listed from North to South:

10.4 km section between Svilaj and Odžak (Lot 1)

5. 1 km section Poprikuse – Nemila (Lot 2)

2.8 km section Tunnel Zenica (Lot 2)

5.8 km section Donja Gračanica - Klopče (Lot 2)

3.9 km section between Donja Gračanica and Zenica Tunnel (i.e., 2.1 km motorway section between Donja Gračanica and Zenica North and 1.8 km motorway section Entrance into Tunnel Zenica - Zenica North Interchange/ Donja Gračanica) (Lot 2)

2.0 km Tunnel Ivan within the section Tarcin- Tunnel Ivan (Lot 3)

7.2 km section from Buna to Počitelj (Lot 4)

Documents for download:

Non-technical Summary

Supplementary Biodiversity Assessment

Environmental and Social Action Plan

Framework Biodiversity Management Plan

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Tunnel Zenica - Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan

Land Acquisition and Resettlement Framework for Corridor Vc - March 2017