Sustainable road infrastructure of high-profile has its impact on ecnomic and social development by facilitating mobility and providing adequate access for people and goods sites which contribute to the ecnomy and society.

Adequate access to a location significantly affects the economic development and trade, and facilitates the integration.


To achieve this, it is required that the road infrastructure:

  • meets the demand for transport
  • is efficient
  • is affordable
  • is safe
  • has a minimal negative impact on the environment

Therefore, the strategy development of a network of highways and expressways in the Federation BiH must include the principles and elements to ensure its economic, financial, institutional and environmental sustainability, and also contributes to social awareness of the need to implement this strategy.


Key principles of this strategy are:

  • political will and commitment
  • capacity building in the road sub-sector
  • insurance of balancing strategies
  • improving the efficiency of the system
  • strengthen the commercialization
  • setting standards for maintenance
  • improving traffic safety
  • compliance with the natural and social environment

Key elements of this strategy are as follows:

  • internal linking of the Federation of B&H and B&H as a whole
  • connectivity with neighboring countries
  • dimensioning dense network of motorways and express roads
  • macroeconomic framework for investment in the network of highways and expressways
  • influence the development of a network of motorways and expressways on the development of certain regions
  • management of the network of highway and expressways
  • unity and integrity of the access road network in general and
  • compliance with the development of natural and social environment