Description of the object of the contract: Consruction of the Sarajevo baypass LOT3A

Date of initiation of proceeding: 29. 4. 2013.

Type of procedure: Open procedure

Additional information: Tender documents can be obtained from 30. 4. 2013. on the following address: Braće Fejića bb Mostar i Dubrovačka 6 Sarajevo or delivered by post, every working day from 10.00 to 16.00 hrs with prior notification and evidence. Tender document will not be available in electronic form. Applicant has right of previous inspections of tender documents.

Payment amount: 30 KM

Purpose of payment: Purchase of TD LOT 3A

Recipient: PC Motorway in FBiH Ltd. Mostar

Bank: Raiffeisen Bank dd BiH

Account: 161-020-0062700 (for payment in KM)


IBAN code: BA391611200000709894 (for payment in EUR)

Time limit and place for receipt of tenders/request to participate: 12. 6. 2013.; 12.00; Sarajevo, Dubrovačka 6